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10th June 2020 – Sale of Automotive Steering Arm and Knuckle Manufacturing Facility

Auction and appraisal expert BIDITUP offers flexible and technologically advanced asset management solutions to businesses across a broad range of industry sectors. Conducting more than 100 auctions each year, BIDITUP connects buyers and sellers across the world. The firm are selling a complete state of the art automotive steering arm and knuckle manufacturing facility formerly of Sakthi Automotive Group USA. The sale takes place in conjunction with Maynards Industries and Robert Levy Associates.

Sakthi Automotive is a subsidiary of Sakthi Group, a conglomerate based in India. The knuckle and steering arm manufacturer opened their Detroit facility in 2015, and were central to reinvigorating manufacturing in Detroit. General Motors, whose custom accounted for around 80% of Sakthi Automotive’s revenue, removed their business to another supplier in October 2019. The company was placed in receivership in 2019.

The live on-site and global webcast auction starts on the 10th of June. Assets, located in Detroit, Michigan, can be inspected on 8th and 9th of June or by appointment. Lots featured in the sale include:

Casting and melting equipment including: Striko Westofen aluminum melter; Shanghai Aluminum Furnace Co. aluminum melters; Zijiang Furnace Nanjing Co. two chamber die heating furnace; CPC-Linden aluminum casting machines. Trim presses and saws including: Foshan Hexing Hydraulic Machinery Co hydraulic trim presses; ASD degate saws. Material handling pick and pack robots used in machining cells, X-ray machines and foundry cells, manufactured by Fanuc. CNC machining centers including: Vigel twin spindle 5-Axis CNC machining centers; Doosan 4-axis CNC horizontal machining centers; DNM 650 3-axis vertical machining centers. CMMs and lab equipment, Shore Western testing cells, toolroom equipment, air compressors, cranes, mobile equipment and much more.

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