Industrial Auction News 970

18th November 2021 – Major BioPharma Lab Equipment Sale

GoIndustry DoveBid is an online auction platform which ties buyers and sellers of surplus industrial assets around the globe. Go-Dove is one of a number of Liquidty Services e-commerce marketplaces. The Liquidity Services network has completed transactions to a value of almost $8 billion, and has almost 3.5 million users across around 200 countries and territories around the world. Go-Dove is selling BioPharma Lab Equipment from a Major FMCG Company, located in Exeter, United Kingdom.

Over 150 lots be be included in the auction which closes on the 18th of November. Key assets include: ThermoFisher Scientific Orbitrap Elite ETD MSD / Chromatograph, Thermo Scientific TSQ Quantum XLS Combi-xt Mass Spectrometer, Agilent 6890N GC System (Qty 5), Shimadzu GC-MS system (Qty 2), Micromass Quattro micro GC system, Waters Acquity HPLC system (Qty 2), Micromass UPLC and Nitrogen generator, Cellomics ArrayScan VTI – 1255-000 & VTI – NO1-0002 Bioanalyser, Agilent 5973 Mass selective detector, Thermal Technology 1000-4560-FP20 High temperature furnace, Agilent 6890 G1512AX GC system with MS Detector, PerkinElmer Spectrum 100 N FT-NIR Spectrometer, Waters Acquity UPLC system, Thermo Electron Trace GC Ultra – K0733B920100000 GC system, Waters Acquity 186015005 / 186015001 UPLC system, Agilent 1100 & 1200 HPLCs, Netzsch STA 409 CD STA system, PerkinElmer Clarus 500 – N6519101 / N6510210 MS Detector / GC system, Thermo Finnigan /CTC K0923B920100000 / MXY 06-01B Autosampler/GC System, Fedegari FVA/2 Autoclave, Tecan Freedom EVO 150 Liquid handling unit, Applied Biosystems StepOne – 4369074 Real time PCR system and much more.

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