Industrial Auction News 334

12th March 2020 – Final Sale of Bottling Equipment

Troostwijk Auctions, who bring buyers and sellers from around the world together, are to sell via online auction on March 12th, Bottling Equipment and Beverage Process Materials from various locations in France. This is the final online auction of these assets. Lots are suitable for clear/natural water and flavoured water production including aseptic process and filling equipment from empty bottles feeding unit up to the palletization unit.

Materials have already been taken apart to be removed from the production line. Buyers are invited to see the state of the goods by themselves during visits.

Key lots for sale include: 2002 STA P=109.9 Rotary filler 80 heads corkscrew rotary screw 20 heads, 2005 Lanfranchi L4.SR.33.32 Collechio Full stainless steel rotating bottle erector, STA STAR RINSER ASETTICA P*122 Stainless steel 80-heads rotating rinser, 2011 ACMI Applicator HM 2001 Handle (on foil trays) applicator, 2002 GEA VT 80 BC-16 Product tube stainless steel pasteurizer 55m3/hrs – heat exchanger, 2002 NN Stainless steel driven endless drying (covered and closed) sorting tunnel conveyor track and much more.

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