Industrial Auction News 445

13th February 2020 – Auction of CNC and Conventional Woodworking Plant and Equipment

Auctioneers Gordon Brothers was established in 1903 and provide valuation, disposition and investment services to industries worldwide. Gordon Brothers will sell a range of CNC and conventional woodworking machinery and plant equipment by order of the administrators of Prentice Furniture Manufacturers.

Family-run Prentice Furniture Manufacturers was established in 1985 and made bespoke kitchen and bedroom furniture. The company was placed in administration in December 2019 and in a statement commented that it had been affected by “some of the most difficult trading conditions of its 35 years trading with increasing competition, changing customer trends and shrinking margins”.

The online auction closes on the 13th of February. The assets, located in Staffordshire, UK, can be inspected on the 11th of February. Items featured in the sale include:

Production equipment including: 2015 Biesse Selco WN610 CNC beam saw; 2015 Biesse Winstore 3D K2 material transfer system; 2015 Biesse Rover A 1632 and B FT 2231 CNC machining centres; 2015 Biesse Stream and Biesse Akronedge banders; 2014 Biesse Elix 1300 K4 dowling machine. Conventional machinery including: 2014 Salvador Super Push 200 up-stroking cross cut saw; 2006 Lower Discmaster DMDDDBB sanding and denibbing machine; 2004 Butfering Optimat SCO211/RL wide belt sander; 2014 Griggio T21J spindle moulder; 2008 Ligmatech Optimat MDE 110 CNC carcass clamping machine. Ancillary assets including: compressors; wood shredders; banding machines; shipping containers; scissor lifts; pallet trucks and cantilever racking.

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