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13th May 2020 – Auction of Agricultural and Flower Processing Machines

13th May 2020 – Auction of Agricultural and Flower Processing Machines

On May 13th 2020 Troostwijk Auctions are to sell, via online auction, tulip cultivation machines P.H. Brouwer B.V. located in Den Helder, The Netherlands.

Troostwijk Auctions, Europe’s largest B2B online auction house, have been a trusted name in the industry since 1930 bringing buyers and sellers from around the world together in auctions across many different verticals.

The online auction of tulip cultivation machines includes 8, – 5, – 4, – 3, – place sorting machines “Compas”; imbalance sorting machine “Schouten”; “Compas” peeling machines; various tel, – reading tapes “total systems” & “Antha”; crate tipper (bunker combinations) “Antha”; mobile aqua grader “Piekstra”; 2x tractor “John Deere” 6420, “MF” 5445; trailed harvesting machine “MH”; “Nobels” Forage harvester “Noordkop” head machine; bed mill; cubic crates and more due to termination of complete tulip cultivation.

Key assets in more detail include: 2002 John Deere 6420 Premium four-wheel drive farm tractor, 2007 Massey Ferguson 5445 Dyna-4 four-wheel drive farm tractor, 1999 MH BVTK 1335 EH2 flower bulb lifter, AWB receiving hopper, 2018 Total Systems RS12050 roller grading machine, 2018 Total Systems KB 165175130 peeling band frame, 2018 van Kampen Elevator, 1996 Jongejans E3505 extractor with cyclone, 2000 Hollands Noordkop BLK17500 forage harverster, Cebeco tipper and much more.

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