Industrial Auction News 147

13th May 2020 – Auction of Solar Panels

Solar – Auctions, are to sell in a timed auction, unused Suntech monocrystalline solar modules located in Germany.

Solar – Auctions is the world’s first professional auction platform specializing in photovoltaics and solar equipment as well as other renewable energy products. With a storage volume of 5,000 sqm at their company headquarters in Hilden near Düsseldorf they are one of the largest players in Europe.

The items are unused monocrystalline SUNTECH solar modules with a nominal output of 170Wp per solar module. Total nominal out put of all solar modules 4.250Wp / 4,25 KWp. The solar modules are 72 cells and are securely packed in 25 pieces per pallet.

More detailed information of the items includes: Model: STP170S-24/Ab-1, Nominal output per solar module: 170Wp, Nominal power per pallet: 4.250Wp / 4,25 KWp, Dimensions per solar module: Approx. 1580 mm x 808 mm x 35 mm Dimensions per pallet: Approx. 1600 x 820 x 1500 mm, Weight per solar module: Approx. 15.5 kg, Weight per pallet: Approx. 387,50 Kg

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