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30th November 2021 – Pharma Processing Equipment Auction

Global asset management and equipment sales expert EquipNet was established in 1999. The company now operates from 25 locations and conducts business in more than 170 countries across the world. EquipNet offers a range of services to clients across multiple industry sectors including live/webcast auctions, sealed bid sales and online auctions.

In an online auction closing on the 30th of November, EquipNet will sell solid dose processing and packaging equipment, and laboratory equipment from major pharmaceutical companies. The sale features mixing tanks, tablet presses, case packers, analysers and microscopes from leading manufacturers including GEA, Malvern, Korsch, Thermo and Zeiss.

The assets, located across multiple locations including the UK, France and Israel, can be inspected by appointment only and include: Dionex Ultimate 3000 UHPLC With Corona Ultra RS; Korsch EKO-DMS single station tablet press; GEA Niro Soavi NS 3015 H stainless steel homogenizer; Thermo Electron Corporation Multifuge 1SR refrigerated laboratory centrifuge; Zeiss M2M Axio imager microscope; Diosna MiniLab fluid bed processor; MVG 8000304 PINK stainless steel single hinged front door vacuum drying oven; IMA BFB Division Safeline case packer 5886; new and unused Velp Scientific DLS overhead stirrer; Harro Hoefliger Packaging Machines KWS 6 L Capsule 6 Lane check weigher with 5 sets change parts; GE Healthcare Biacore C surface plasmon resonance analyzer; lot Of Gilson and Rainin pipettes; lot of 3 Stuart Scientific SSL4 and STR9 shakers; HOF GmbH 1 square meter lyophilizer; Sharon Vacuum Company tray dryers; Seiko FRW 1250 NM 12 headed rotary stainless steel plastic bottle filling and capping machine and much more.

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