Industrial Auction News 128

14th – 16th July 2020 – Auction of Cheese Making and Other Equipment from Associated Milk Producers Inc

Pittsburgh based Harry Davis & Company was established in 1955. The firm provides auction, appraisal, consulting and turnkey sales services to clients across the world, specialising in the dairy, food and beverage industries. This July Harry Davis & Company will sell a selection of cheese production, drying and evaporation and other equipment. The assets come to the market following the closure of the AMPI facility located in Rochester, Minnesota.

AMPI is a cooperative owned by dairy farm families across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota. In November 2019 AMPI announced the discontinuation of production at both their Rochester cheese plant and their non-fat dry milk plant located in Arlington, Iowa. The decision was attributed to the continued decline in the number of dairy farms and milk production seen in the region in recent years.

The online auction will take place between the 14th and 16th of July. The assets may be viewed by appointment only and include: Cheese making equipment including Scherping 11,000 pound per hour stirred curd machine and 6 40,000 lb capacity OST cheese vats. Drying and evaporating equipment including: Kent Keller lactose dryer; Niro 6-Effect TVR evaporator, with Rogers finisher and Marley cooling tower; 4-stage skid-mounted ultra filtration system; 2-stage skid-mounted reverse osmosis system. Ice cream mix processing equipment including Cherry Burrell 4-barrel thermutators. Pasteurizers and homogenizers including: 12,000 GPH milk pasteurizer with Vacutherm and Alfa Laval 3-zone S/S frame plate heat exchanger; 12,000 GPH whey pasteurizer with APV 3-zone S/S frame plate heat exchanger. Silos and tanks, receiving equipment and utilities equipment.

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