Industrial Auction News 448

14th February 2020 – Sale of Heating Engineering Equipment

Peaker Pattinson has significant expertise in the auction and valuation of industrial and commercial assets. This February Peaker Pattinson will auction a large selection of equipment from Baxi Heating UK Ltd, located in Preston, Lancashire, UK.

In January 2019 boiler and heating manufacturer Baxi announced the closure of their foundary in Preston and factory in Norwich. The decision by Baxi to close the foundary at the Preston site came about following their development of a new generation of compact boilers with stainless steel heat exchangers.

Bidding on lots in the online auction closes on the 14th of February. The assets, which can be viewed on the 12th of February by appointment only include:

CNC equipment including: FMS Fastems System; Cincinnati Milacron Maxim 630 CNC; Mazak FJV-25 CNC; Mikron UME 710/900 CNC vertical milling machine; Gildermeister-Devlieg microset & tool presetter. Welding and factory plant equipment including: Cloos HWR-3DP-1200N-1250mm automatic welding station; various mig and tig welders; Mecwash Midi 400 component wash; Guyson Alka – Jet C BSRT-M1111 component wash; Nederman Filtermax SI6 extraction unit; Carver mobile fume extraction unit; Knoll AF110 oil / coolant filtration system; swing jibs by Donati, Eepos and Demag. Gantry system, floor mounted gantry crane, water pressure test system, floor type scales. Foundry Equipment including: Loramendi SLC3 60L CF core blowing machine is also for sale.

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