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14th May 2020 – Huge Auction of Laboratory Assets from Fibrant

Surplus asset management specialist Schneider Industries was founded in 1993. Headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri, the firm also have offices in Mexico, Brazil, Canada, UK and Spain and have managed surplus assets for more than 750 companies across multiple industry sectors. Schneider Industries are auctioning a huge selection of laboratory and support equipment, including spectrophotometers, ovens, hot plates and chromatographs. The assets are available following the closure of the Fibrant facility located in Augusta, Georgia.

Fibrant manufacture chemical products, specialising in the production of Caprolactam, Cyclohexanone and Ammonium Sulfate. The firm was established in 1952 and has its headquarters in the Netherlands. In 2018 Fibrant became part of the Highsun Group China.Fibrant announced the wind down of their 600-acre Augusta facility in 2016. The plant had been operational since 1966. The decision to close the plant was attributed to unfavourable market conditions.

The online auction opened on the 4th of April and bidding closes on the 14th of May. Items featured in the sale, which may be inspected by appointment only include:

Lochat NH3 Kyehdal & phosphate analyzer; Perkins Elmer Spectrum One FT-IR spectrometer; Perkins Lambda 35 UV/VISHP spectrometer; Shimadzu atomic absorption spectrophotometer; Hach DR 5000 spectrophotometer; Dionex ICS-2100 ion chromatography system; Varian CP-3380 gas chromatographs; Hewlett Packard HP 6890 series GC system; Blue M electric oven; Fisher Scientific isotemp oven; National Appliance Co. vacuum oven; air samplers; Hach cod reactors; Shore analog durometer; Isco refrigerated samplers; YSI-5100 dissolved oxygen meter & Dell monitor; Cannon Poly Visc viscosity measurement systems; Ethos EZ microwave digestion system; Robertshaw analog readers; optical control system film surface analyser; Fisher Scientific dyna mixers; Bruker CP-8400 analyzer and much, much more.

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