Industrial Auction News 174

14th May 2020 – Sale of Bakery Equipment from Sourdough Baguette Bakery

Industrial and commercial auctioneers and liquidators Rabin was established in the early 1950s and has grown to be an industry leader with a global presence, selling assets and facilities across a broad range of industry sectors. This May, Rabin are selling a complete sourdough baguette bakery located in Brisbane, California, formerly of baking company, Bakers of Paris.

Bakers of Paris was founded in 1981 in South San Francisco.The wholesale bakery provided pastries and bread products to grocery stores, cafes and coffee shops across the San Francisco and greater Bay Area. The bakery announced their closure in February 2020 following a sizeable increase in the rent on their Brisbane premises.

The online auction will close on the 14th of May. Assets will be offered for sale in bulk prior to the lot-by-lot sale. The sale features late model and well-maintained equipment including:

Roll & baguette production department including: VMI SPI 400 AV spiral mixers with tubular bowl lift; Konig Rex Futura Multi auto dough divider/rounder (2016); Mecatherm GARNIS baguette line with Tra-divider & dumper; Rheon V4 double lane stress free twin divider line; Bertrand Puma FL140 liquid leaven processor (2015); Kwik Lok 907A bread slicer, bagger & bag closure (2016). Bakery equipment including: Revent 620 rack bake ovens; Werner & Pfleiderer hook & loop, and flipping tables; Affeldt roll counting machine, model AVN-275 with incline belt. Pastry and production support equipment including: Rondo reversible sheeters, calibrator & makeup line; Benier B800 divider, Puma D1224 rounder & butter press; Bakon egg wash spray systems and glazing machine; Pfening flour storage, sifting and auto weigh bin system. General plant equipment including: air compressor, hot water boiler systems, unused free-standing drive-in freezer and more.

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