Industrial Auction News 28

2nd December 2021 – Biopharma & Lab Equipment Sale

GoIndustry DoveBid is an online auction platform which unites both buyers and sellers of industrial equipment and machinery from all around the world. Go-Dove is a Liquidity Services e-commerce marketplaces which has completed transactions to the value of almost $8 billion, and has almost 3.5 million users across almost 200 countries and territories around the world. This December Go-Dove is selling BioPharma Lab Equipment located in Germany.

Over 170 lots be be included in the auction which closes on the 2nd of December with key assets including: Surface Plasmon Resonance System: GE Healthcare ‘Biacore 4000’ (2010), Mass Spectrometer : MDS SCIEX / Applied Biosystems ‘AP I5000’ (2009), Hematology System : Siemens ‘ADVIA 2120’ (2008), Mass Spectrometer : MDS SCIEX / Applied Biosystems ‘API 4000’ (1997), Liquid Chromatography System : Amersham Biosciences ‘BMA Aekta Pilot 01’, Real Time PCR System : Life Technologies ‘Quant Studio 7 Flex’ (2017), Mass Spectrometer : Waters ‘QTOF Premier’ (2005), Plate Reader : Molecular Devices ‘Flipr Tetra’, HPLC System: Agilent ‘1200 Series’, Plate Reader Label-Free Detection Assay : Corning ‘Epic System’, Mass Spectrometer : Perkin Elmer ‘PenTOF’, Dry Mixer: Hosokawa Micron BV ‘08-LDC-41′, Chromatography System: Amersham Biosciences ‘FRAC-950′, Network GC System: Agilent ‘6890N’, Flow Cytometry System: Beckman Coulter ‘FC500 MPL’ (2003), DNA Sequencer: Roche ‘FLX 454 Titanium’ and much more

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