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2nd December 2021 – Metalworking Equipment Sale

A large online auction of metalworking machinery due to the closure of a die and mold company located in Santa Perpetua de Mogoda (Barcelona) is to take place on on the 2nd December 2021. The company ceased its activity in April 2021, all machines are in very good working order.

Key assets include: Fanuc Robocut Alfa C600iA Wire Cutting EDM Machine, Tridimensional Trimek Spark CNC 20.12.07, Bridge Type Milling Machine- Nicolas Correa FP 30/35 – CNC Heindenhain 426, Bridge Type Milling Machine- Nicolas Correa FP 40/35 – CNC Heindenhain 530 (two units), Bed Type Milling Machine – CME BF 06 – CNC Selca 3045 and much more.

An open day will be organized so that potential buyers can see the good condition of the facilities and machines. The scheduled date for the visit will be Tuesday, November 30.

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