2nd December 2021 – Auction of Surplus Forklifts


SIGMA Auction uses a network of thousands of industry experts to connect sellers’ equipment with interested buyers. On December 2nd, Sigma is to sell a range of Surplus Forklifts, due to the ongoing operations of a large coffee manufacturing plant. Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, key assets in the auction include: Yale 5,000 Lb Capacity Forklift, Model: GLC060VXNGSF085, Hyster 5,000 Lb Capacity Forklift Model: S60XM, Hyster 6,000 Lb Capacity Forklift, Model: S60XM, Nissan 3,500 Lb Capacity Forklift, Model: MCP1F2A25LV, Yale 5,000 Lb Capacity Forklift, Model:GLC060VXNGSF085 and more.

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