Industrial Auction News 1134

EquipNet is a leading global asset management specialist, providing appraisal, auction and asset redeployment services to the chemical, industrial, electronics, consumer goods and pharmaceutical industries.EquipNet operates from 25 locations around the world and conducts business in more than 170 countries, with clients ranging from small businesses to multi-national corporations. In an online auction this December, EquipNet will sell Test Equipment and RF Microwave Measuring Instruments from a Leading Technology Company and Global Providers of RF Solutions.

The lot catalog includes signal analyzers, networking test sets, spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, communication testers, generators, power supply and much more. Feature inventory comes from leading manufacturers such as National Instruments, Tektronix, Keysight, Rohde and Schwarz, Agilent and others.

Key assets in the auction, which takes place between the 8th and 9th of December, include: Agilent N8300A Wireless Networking Test Set, Hewlett Packard 8596E 9 KHz – 12.8 GHz Spectrum Analyzer, Hewlett Packard 8546A 9kHz – 6.5GHz EMI Receiver, Agilent Technologies 16902B 6-Slot Logic Analysis System, Agilent Technologies 1670G Logic Analyzer, Agilent Technologies 33120A 15 MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Hewlett Packard 8590L 9 KHz 1.8 GHz Spectrum Analyzer, Tektronix Inc. TDS2024 Four Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Tektronix Inc. TLA5201 Logic Analyzer 34 Channels 2GHz Depth W/125ps MagniVu Acquisition, Rohde and Schwarz CMU200 Universal Radio Communication Tester, Marconi Instruments 2041 10kHz – 2.7GHz Low Noise Signal Generator, Synthesys BSA125B-PCIE 12.5 Gb/s PCIe BERTScope Signal Integrity Analyzer, Boonton 4532 RF Power Meter, Fluke 2686A Data Logging System Chassis w/Four 16 Bit 20 Channel Fast Analog Input DAQ Modules, Melles Griot 17PCZ003 3 Channel Piezoelectric Controller and more.

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