29th September 2022 – Rabin Auctioning Bakery Equipment

Rabin is selling an artisan bread and roll bakery operated by A.M.S. Bakeries LLC. The auction takes place in partnership with CRG. A.M.S Bakeries LLC is comprised of three bread lines: Arturo, Milite and Spinella bakeries. The company manufactures a wide range of bread products including loaves, rolls, pizza dough, French bread, Portuguese rolls, grinders and speciality breads.

The timed online auction will take place on the 29th of September and features equipment new in 2016 including: like new Sottoriva artisan bun production line for the manufacture ciabatta rolls, Italian rolls and artisan breads. Mixers, ovens, dividers, moulders and slicers including: Revent 724G-CRU double rack rotating ovens; Reed 10 tray rotary carousel bake oven; Fortuna Automat & Duchess 36 position manual dough presses; Excellent RSM spiral mixer; 2015 JAC dough molder; Peerless and Reedco 600 lb double arm dough mixers; Benier C3 dough rounder; unused DIV-R20 square divider; Acme roll sheeter; Konig Mini Rex Multi dough divider rounder with DR-RR 400 forming station; Kwik-Lok 86-P bag closers; Oliver 704N bagel-roll slicers; Oliver 796 bread loaf slicers. Sveba Dahlen “Glimek” compact bread make-up line, approximate design capacity of 2200 pieces per hour with adaptable proofing time. Bakery support equipment including: Master Built 250 sq ft walk in freezers; Copper Panel System 12’ x 15’ roll in proof box with Revent EB-10 humidifiers; Hoshizaki 1300 lb per hr twin unit ice maker; assorted artisan bread and bun pans; 150+ baking & sheet pan racks, mobile stainless dough troughs and ingredient bins and more. The assets are located in Waterbury, Connecticut and can be inspected by appointment only.

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