20th September 2022 – Lüneburg Food Production Assets Sale

Industrial Auctions BV is to sell a range of food production machinery due to the closing of a production location Lindenroth GmbH in Lüneburg (DE).

The online auction which will close on September 20th will include over 300 lots of machinery including slicers, filling machines, smoke trolleys, tray and box erectors, transport belts, pallet lifters, meat bins and more.

Key assets include: Lutetia vacuum tumbler, Rühle mobile slicer, type: KR1, Kolbe mobile mixer-grinder, Schröder injector, type: N120, Rühle injector with lifter for crates, type: IR 56, Stephan mobile microcutter, Rothmann-GdbR Fleischereimaschinen mobile s/s dehairing machine, Teraoka Seiko Co., LTD / Digi mobile weigh/wrap/label system, model: AW-5600, Handtmann vacuum filling machine, type: VF80/160, Variovac mobile traysealer, Weber Maschinenbau GmbH mobile skinning and derinding machine, Kreuzmayr Maschinenbau GmbH mobile de-stoning/passing machine for fruit, Lutetia s/s tilting device for meat bins, Tipper Tie technopack GmbH mobile clipper, Ammeraal Beltech GmbH transport belt, ELS mobile labelling machine, Sealpac GmbH traysealer and much more.

Online auctioneering expert Industrial Auctions specialises in providing services to the food and beverage industries. The firm holds on-location auctions across Europe and 5-6 auctions each year from their base in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Industrial Auctions has expertise in selling complete companies and production lines as well as machinery.

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