20th December 2021 – Ice Cream Production Equipment Sale

With 20 years of experience in online auctioneering, Surplex specialises in the sale of used industrial equipment, particularly woodworking and metal working equipment. The firm has a strong presence across Europe with locations in 14 countries and sells around 55,000 used machines each year. Surplex is selling ice cream production equipment formerly operated by an ice cream manufacturer in the Catania area of Italy.

The online auction closes on the 20th of December. The assets may be viewed by appointment with the auctioneer only and include: Teknoice pasteurisation and homogenisation plant; abatement tunnel; Teknoice VMF L filling machine for trays; Clever GS 206 sleeve application machine; Technogel freezer 1500 PO.LOBI continuous freezer; Teknoice FR 1200 continuous freezer; Mark DS 24-04 lot of freezers for slush; CRM Supertino 60+60 pasteuriser for ice cream; CRM Supermix 60 pasteuriser for ice cream; Telme Pratica 35-50 W ice-cream mantecator; Catta 27 Multiripple KAC 30 liquid intrusion machine, Teknoice Fruit Feeder 3000 machinery for fruit inclusions; Hitachi RX2-SD160W industrial ink-jet marking machine; FIC Red 20 S05 chiller; FIC Red 57 chiller; Inox Impianti tank for treated water; Rama RM 70 cluster machine; Ciemme AI 50 intermittent cartoning machine; Robopac Robotape 50 ME taping machine; sugar silo; aging vats; steel tanks; conveyor belts; Jungheinrich ETV 114 electric forklift and more.

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