​11th October 2022 – Polish Wooden Furniture Manufacturer Sale

In an online auction closing on the 11th of October, Surplex is to sell over 170 valuable items due to the closure of a wooden furniture manufacturer, based in Poland.

Key assets in the sale include: FRIULMAC IDRAMAT Double-End Tenoner, TORWEGGE FPL Double-End Tenoner, WEINIG Hydromat 23 4-Sided Planing Machine, WEINIG UNIMAT 2000 SPEED Moulder, RILESA DCU/VLG Throughfeed Drilling Machine, SALVADOR SUPERCUT 500 Optimizing Crosscut Saw, FAMAD PDFD Coronal Joint Milling Machine with Glueing Press, WEINIG UNIMAT 23 E 4-Sided Planer and BALESTRINI RENZO NOVA 3 Double-End Tenoner. Also available are further double-end tenoners, planers, forklifts, presses, saws, compressors & much more. 

Auctioneering firm Surplex specialises in online auctioneering services. Surplex has over 20 years of experience in the sale and valuation of used industrial equipment and machinery, including woodworking and metal working equipment. The firm operates from locations in 14 countries and sells approximately 55,000 machines every year.

For further information about this Surplex auction, please contact Maximilian Berger​: