8th November 2022 – Pharma Filling & Packing Equipment Sale

Cottrill & Co. is selling filling and packing machinery by manufacturers including Harland, OCS, Neri, Bosch and Garvens. The assets are located in Sligo, Ireland, and were formerly operated by a global pharmaceutical company.

The auction closes on the 8th of November. Equipment available, some of which is offered in combinations, includes: Linx Xymark 10ST10 inkjet printer; GSi Lumonic EFX10S inkjet printer; OSMO Autoload unscrambler; OSMO uprighter; Bosch VSR-A04 12-head filler/capper; UPM inclined conveyor; Harland Sirius MK5 labeller; Liftright STP01-DRU01-LR-EX 250kg drum lifter; Hanningfield hi-reach lift; Sichelschmidt DM4-EEX 1250kg hi-reach pallet truck; BT Rolotruc LSR-1200 hi-reach pallet truck; Neri BL-400 Type VTE carton labeller; Skinetta ASK300 PAC-system film wrapping machine; Merz Q91/73 sachet fill/form/seal machine; Bosch CAR-T5 cartoner; CAM ZP1 Automatic Mag-3 palletiser; Robopac Roboplat 506 FFS pallet wrapper; Farmomac 40ml rounds vacuum sealer/capper; Newman S150 labeller; OCS Type HC checkweigher; Nordenpac NP700NX cartoner; Bosch VSR F01 filler; PPMA cap-coder with hopper/feeder and more.

Cottrill & Co. is a specialist in online auctioneering based in Birmingham, UK. The firm sells individual items up to complete facilities and offers a range of services to their clients including commission sales, valuations, and outright purchases, with expertise across all categories of manufacturing assets.

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