1st December 2022 – Complete Turkey Slaughterline Sale

In an online auction closing on the 1st of December, Industrial Auctions BV is to sell a complete slaughter line and a range of machinery from Gallfood Kft.​, a turkey slaughter house located in Hungary.

The auction will include overhead conveyors, pluckers, skinning and derinding machines, tumblers, injectors, portioning machines, tray sealers, shrink tunnels, transport belts and more.

Key assets in the sale include: Meyn live bird unloading station, Meyn killing hanging line, Linco Food Systems automatic water stunning box, Meyn plucker, Meyn feet cutter, Meyn evisceration hanging line, Metrisoft Kft weighing belt, 145 s/s brackets, dimensions: (145x) 310 mm x 35 mm x 2190 mm, Systemate Numafa automatic turkey thigh deboner, Grasselli SPA mobile skinning and derinding machine, Sepamatic separator with lifter for meat bins and platform with infeed bunker, type: SEPA 1200, Kilia z-arm mixer-grinder, G. Mondini S.p.a traysealer, Mesutronic metal detector with rejector, Treif Maschinenbau GmbH dicer and much more. ​

Online auctioneering expert Industrial Auctions specialises in providing services to the food and beverage industries. The firm holds on-location auctions across Europe and 5-6 auctions each year from their base in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Industrial Auctions has expertise in selling complete companies and production lines as well as machinery.

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