16th February 2023 – Sale of State-of-the-Art Laboratory Instruments

Global pharmaceutical company Teva was established in 1901 and has grown to operate over 50 manufacturing facilities across the world. Teva has a portfolio of around 3,600 generic medicines and biopharmaceuticals supplied for use in 60 countries. The firm also undertakes research and development in speciality therapeutic areas.

The online auction will take place on the 16th of February. The 269 lots available in the auction include: Leica Bond RX automated stainer; Beckman Coulter AVANTI J-E high performance centrifuge; Olympus IX83 inverted microscope; fully refurbished Agilent 1260 Infinity HPLC system with 1290 Infinity thermostat; LI Cor Odyssey CLx imager; Oxford Nanoimaging Ltd. Nanoimager S Mark III tabletop scanning electron microscope; Leica ASP300S vacuum tissue processor; Beckman Coulter Avanti JXN-26 laboratory centrifuge; Agilent/BioTek Instruments MultiFlo FX microplate washer dispenser; Perkin Elmer EnSpire multimode microplate reader; Thermo Scientific 88881001 lab mixer; Eppendorf Thermomixer shaking incubator heating block; Fisher Scientific SPROUT mini-centrifuge; Fine Science Tools Steri 250 FST hot bead sterilizers; Fisherbrand 88861021 microplate shaker; Terumo TSCD-II sterile tubing welder; UVP Benchtop 3UV transilluminator with ultraviolet and much more. The equipment is located in California and can be inspected by appointment only.

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