1st March 2023 – Sale of Frozen Bakery Plant

New Mill Capital, in conjunction with Gordon Brothers, is selling a 350,000 square foot frozen bakery plant operated by J. Skinner.

Family-owned bakery J. Skinner manufactures Danish strips, Danish rings, sweet rolls, gourmet cinnamon rolls and seasonal products. In September 2022 J. Skinner announced the closure of their bakery facility in Paris, Texas. The bakery operations will be consolidated in the firm’s facility in Nebraska. The decision to close their Texas site was made following a strategic review of the economic and competitive environment, including the sourcing of raw materials.

The online auction will open on the 22nd of February and bidding on lots will close on the 1st of March. Equipment featured in the auction includes: massive dry and liquid bulk receiving departments, liquifiers, multiple sheeting and make up lines, packaging lines, cream department, sigma and spiral mixers, ammonia screw refrigeration systems, spiral and ambient freezers, proofing equipment, tanks, warehouse and pallet racking, pumps, air systems, boilers, maintenance equipment and large stores department.

The assets can be inspected by appointment with the auctioneer only.

Asset disposition specialist New Mill Capital has expertise in buying and selling surplus manufacturing equipment and real estate across a broad range of industries, including processing, packaging, food and beverage and general manufacturing. The firm also holds more than 15 million square feet of idle turnkey manufacturing plant across the United States.

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