9th March 2023 – Biotech, Laboratory and Pharmaceutical Processing Assets Auction

AllSurplus is selling biotech, laboratory and pharmaceutical processing equipment – including LCMS, HPLC, centrifuges and microscopes.

The online auction closes on the 9th of March. The assets are located at multiple sites in the United Kingdom and include: Waters G2-S ToF + H-Class UPLC; Bruker 300-MS Triple Quad GC-MS/MS; ARRAYJET Marathon microarray printer; Bio-Rad S3E cell sorter; Eppendorf EP Motion 5070 liquid handler; Bruker impact HD mass spectrometer; Agilent 1260/1200/1100 HPLC modules; 2 x Markes TD-100 thermal desorption units; HP/Agilent VWD (G1314A); Varian GC 3900 with CP8400 autosampler; Thermo Accela UHPLC; Thermo Accela branded autosampler; Agilent 1290 Infinity LC HTS injector; Zinsser CombiDancer infrared vortex evaporator; Carbolite GERO TF1 12/60/150 furnace; Olympus BX41TF microscope; Esco biological safety cabinet; Agilent 1120 compact LC (G4290A); Agilent G1879B heat exchanger cooling system; TANBead Maelstrom 9600 nucleic acid extractor; MGI MGISP-960RS (UNUSED) automated sample preparation system and much more. The equipment can be inspected by appointment with the auctioneer only.

AllSurplus specialises in the sale of surplus business assets, ranging from industrial equipment to heavy machinery. The firm is one of the Liquidity Services network of e-commerce marketplaces. AllSurplus connects sellers with their 3.6 million registered buyers, using a multi-channel sales process.

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