Injection Molding Machines

22nd March 2023 – Sale of Injection Molding Machines and Other Equipment via Auction

Perfection Industrial Sales, in conjunction with The Branford Group, is selling injection molding machines, portable dryers, granulators, thermolators and other equipment from Instaset Plastics. The assets come to the market following facility closure. Instaset Plastics manufactured plastic parts including interior door handles for General Motors. The firm filed for bankruptcy in late 2022.

The online auction will close on the 22nd of March. Equipment featured in the sale includes: Injection molding machines including Cincinnati VH-725 725-ton, Cincinnati VT-550 550-ton, Cincinnati VH-500 500-ton and Cincinnati VT-440 440-ton injection molding machines, Van Dorn 400HP1220 400-ton, (2) Van Dorn 400-RS-14F-HT, 14 and 20 oz, Van Dorn 300-RS-30F-HS-HT, Van Dorn 385H 385-ton injection molding machines. Plastics ancillary equipment including mold temperature controllers from AEC, Advantage, DeltaTherm, Thermalcare, 20+ granulators from Nelmor, Rapid, IMS, material dryers from AEC Whitlock, Conair, Thoreson, Novatec material blender, assorted DME hot runner controllers, Milacron hot oil temperature controller. Plant support equipment including air dryers, reserve tanks, separators, 2021 overhead crane w/ 10-ton Stahl hoist and more. The assets are located in Anchorville, Michigan. Inspection is by appointment only.

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