31st March 2023 – Complete Liquid Mud and Cement Casing Production Sale

EquipNet is to sell, via sealed bids, complete Liquid Mud and Cement Casing Production and Distribution Plants, located in Wallis, Texas. The seller is ready to install​ the 31,500 bbl capacity for liquid mud production and distribution and 94,100 cubic feet of cement casing production and distribution facilities anywhere in the world!

The fully functional Drilling Cement Casing Plant was installed and put into service in late 2012​. The cement plant remained operational until 2019 when the facility was shut down due to production slowdowns in the states. It is now disassembled and can be professionally reassembled​. Key assets include: (4) 12500 CU ft bolted silo with 45 degree hoppers, (6) SKID PLANT COMPR 410SCFLP ELEC, (12) 410 P/V SCALE TANK, (2) TK ASSY WASTE 2560CF 12 D NON-P 60 IN FL, (2) BLOWER ASSY,280 ICFM,10 PSIG,20 HP ELEC and much more. 

The fully functioning MUD Plant – Drilling Fluid Production Facility has a 31,500bbl capacity​. Key assets for sale include:  Existing bolted tanks with new hardware and sealant, (3) newly purchased 4125 cu. Ft. pressure vessels, New Mix pit canopy​, 1500 BBL Bolted Tanks (17), 250 BBL HDPE Poly Tank H2O (1), Load Cells, Piping for Storage & Mix Tank (21), Control Room/Lab (1), New Reset Hardware for all tanks (23) and much more. 

Bid packets must be received by the 31st of March. ​

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