Grinding Machinery

In an auction closing on April 27th, Apex Auctions is to sell a range of  Additive & Grinding Machinery from Baker Hughes Inteq GmbH. ​

The sale will feature 3 lots comprising of:

Arcam EDM Spectra H Electron Beam Melting 3D Printer, Spectra PRS (Powder Recovery Unit), auto Dosing Sieve & Hopper Filler Station:

Maximum Build Dimension D250 x H430mm. Maximum Beam Power 6kW. Cathode Type-Single Crystalline. Minimum Chamber Pressure- 5 x 10-4mbar. Typical Build Atmosphere- 4 x 10-3mbar (partial pressure of He). Power Supply- 3 x 400 V, 32A, 13kVA. He Consumption, Build Process- 5 liter/h. He Consumption, Ventilation- 150-200l/build. Typical Process Temperature Range- 600-1,100°C. CAD Interface-Standard STL. S/No. 1428. Year of Manufacture 2018. Materials Available- • Arcam EBM TiAl, D-Mtrl • Arcam EBM Nickel Alloy 718, D-Mtrl • Arcam EBM Highly Alloyed Tool Steel, D-Mtrl • Arcam EBM Ti6Al4V Grade 5, P-Mtrl

SLM280 HL Additive Metal 3D Laser Powder Beam Bed Fusion Printer & SLM PSH 100 Semi-Automatic Powder Sieving Station:

Building Dimension W280 x D280 x H 350 mm (Height Including Build Plate). Laser Type: IPG Fibre Laser, Twin 2x 400W Precision optics, Wave Length 1,060-1,100 nm, F-theta Lens. High-Speed Scanner Exposure Speed Up to 10 m/s. Repeatability, Scanner Position < 11 µrad. Diameter of laser beam at building area (variable) 80-115 µm. Mains Supply (3 Phase System) 400 V +6 %/-10 % at 50/ Hz, Mains fuse protection 3 x 25 A. Maximum Current Consumption (Including Cooler) 15 A. Compressed Air Supply 3 l/min. Argon Supply 15 l/min. Min Argon Purity- 99.998 % Argon- Argon 4.6. S/No. 28.14.0059. Year of Manufacture 2014.

Studer S40 CNC Cylindrical Grinder with Fanuc Control:

Centre Height 175mm. Maximum Grinding Length 1,000mm. Maximum Grinding Ø300mm. Wheelhead Stroke 275mm. Maximum Weight Between Centres 130kg. Tailstock Quill Travel 35mm, Tailstock Taper MT3. Turret Wheelhead Universal, Auto Swivel B Axis. Universal Workhead with Roller Bearings. Taper ISO 50. Spindle bore 50mm. S/No. 011.0186.60.031 (1995). 

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