24th May 2023 – Yoghurt and Juices Manufacturing Equipment Auction

​Yoghurt and Juices Manufacturing Equipment Auction. A huge range of machinery and inventory from a yogurt and juice factory will be sold via an Industrial Auctions online auction on the 24th of May. The assets come to the market following the bankruptcy of Grupo JSP S.A. in Los Baldios (ES).  The offer ranges from pasteurisation machines, incubation systems  and shear mixers to filling and packaging lines. These are from renowned brands such as APV, GEA, Tetra Pak, Inoxpa, and Prisma.​

Key assets for sale include: Calderinox, S.A. s/s tank, Calderinox, S.A. s/s tank with agitator, Gobierno De Canarias s/s water tank, Talleres Luma Inox s/s double jacketed tank with agitator, APV-Schröder homogeniser, APV homogeniser, Efabind, S.L. cup filling and closing machine, Twin Pack labelling machine, F. Kornberger cup filling and sealing machine, ERCA cup forming, labelling, filing and sealing machine, LAC box packaging machine, GEA/FINNAH cup forming, filling, sealing and box packaging machine, Efabind, S.L. bucket filling and closing machine, Elopak, Inc. carton forming, filling and closing machine, Efabind, S.L. s/s storage bunker with outfeed belt, Efabind, S.L. bottle cleaning, filling and sealing machine, 8 heads filling and much more. 

Industrial Auctions is an online auctioneering expert that offers exceptional services catered to the requirements of the food and beverage industries. The firm conducts on-location auctions throughout Europe, and in Eindhoven, Netherlands, it conducts 5 to 6 auctions every year. Industrial Auctions is well-versed in offering complete companies, production lines, and machinery for sale.

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