Gene Therapy Equipment

28th June 2023 – EquipNet Selling Vaccine Manufacturing, Cell and Gene Therapy Equipment

In an online partner auction on the 28th of June, EquipNet will auction used and unused assets – including gene therapy equipment, bioreactors, laboratory mixers, spectrophotometers and scales – from a global pharmaceutical manufacturer.

The auction features 180 lots including: unused installed TCPS liquid nitrogen blast freezer, unused Sartorius Stedim SFADVANCED BB-8775100 crossflow system, unused and crated Repligen SYTF-600 KrosFlo Depth KTF system for tangential flow filtration, unused Novasep Process Hipersep pilot HPLC skid system, unused Ismatec BVP-Process IP65 ISM920A peristaltic pump, unused Syntegon Pharmatec GMBH vaccine pilot plant line consisting of a nine vessel train XP rated, unused Raff and Grund 556 litre stainless steel CIP vessel and pump skid, unused Raff and Grund 460L stainless steel vessel skid with magnetic driven agitator, Heleon Exergy 17 series sanitary heat exchanger, Bosch KLD 1042 tip vial or ampoule leak detection machine, MDX Biotechnik Medorex TC/200 peristaltic pump, Sartorius Cubis MCA26201S-2S00-0 high capacity precision balance, Levitronix LCO-i100 flow sensor, Parker SciLog SciTemp temperature detection system and much more.

The assets are located in Tubingen, Germany and can be inspected by appointment with the auctioneer only.

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