Processing and Packaging Equipment

Available for Immediate Sale – Range of Processing and Packaging Equipment

Harry Davis and Company has a range of processing and packaging equipment available for immediate sale on their Equipment Marketplace.

A Bertolaso Wine Filling & Packaging Line including (2) Innotec Skid-Mounted Microfiltration Systems, Bertolaso Olimpia Delta Monobloc Filler & Corker, Bertolin Case Packer, Belcor 720 Case Sealer, BC700 Bottle Conveying System, Electric Utility System & Accessories is available.

Also available is a 2019 Fimer Glass Bottle Filling & Packaging Line for Wine & Olive Oil. Assets include: FIMER 20-HEAD GRAVITY/LOW VACUUM MONOBLOC FILLER;SRT/16-20-1-1N-T, 16-Gripper Blower/Rinser Turret, 20-Head Filler Turret, Single treatment and fixed nozzle, capping with aluminum screw cap and T cork in one machine, Production: 2800 b/h 750 ml, Bottle working diameter: 55-110 mm, Bottle working height: 220-360 mm, Opening diameter: min. 17 mm, Direction: counter clock wise ( right to left), Cavagnino & Gatti SELF ADHESIVE LABELER, CG-T6-3-2NPS-(1RPS)_C5084 Power Conveyor & More Included. ​

Located in Georgia, USA​ a complete Onion Sorting, Grading & Bagging System is now available for immediate sale. The Longobardi Onion Sorting, Grading & Packaging System includes 4-Lane Sammo Produce Grading Line with Box, Bag & Carton Fillers, Loading & Unloading Tippers & Conveyors, Powered Inspection & Transportation Conveyors w/ Roller Cleaners. 

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