Industrial Auction News 452

21st February 2020 – Auction of Sausage Production Equipment

Pittsburgh based industrial auction specialists Harry Davis & Company were established in 1955 and provide services across sectors including the dairy and food and beverage industries. The firm are selling end-to-end sausage production equipment, formerly of Klement’s Sausage, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Klement’s Sausage specialise in the production of a range of hand crafted sausage products using European sausage making techniques. Their products include fresh and pre-cooked sausages, snacking products, smoked sausages and sausage loops.

The online auction takes place between the 19th and 21st of February. The assets, which may be inspected on the 19th of February or by appointment include:

Smokehouses and cookers including Alkar steam cookers and smoke generators. Meat handling and processing equipment including: Handtman vacuum stuffers; Kramer Grebe, Seydelmann, and Talso bowl choppers; Hi Tech, Ino-Tech and West Star sausage linkers with loop conveyors; Ino-Tech snack stick manufacturing machine; Hamilton tilt type kettle; ribbon blender; vacuum tumbler; Busch vacuum booster pump; desiccant type air dryer; Inject Star brine pump system. Packaging equipment including: Poly clip clip sealers; Multi-Vac and other roll stock packaging machines; 3M case sealers; Cry-O-Vac shrink tunnel; check weigher; Waldrop tray placing machine; Westar paper feeder. Laboratory equipment, material handling equipment, forklifts, pallet jacks, air compressors, rack washers and general plant equipment.

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