Industrial Auction News 59

21st July 2020 – Auction of Plastic Injection Molders and Other Equipment from Dial Industries

Global industrial valuation and auction expert The Branford Group has provided asset management solutions to clients for over 20 years. Through their two business divisions – Branford Auctions and Branford Valuations – the firm connects buyers and sellers of surplus industrial equipment, machinery, turn-key manufacturing facilities and real estate. The Branford Group conducts more than 100 live interactive webcast, timed online and on-location podium auctions each year, supported by targeted marketing materials. This July The Branford Group, in conjunction with United Asset Sales, will auction plastic injection molders and other equipment surplus to the ongoing needs of Dial Industries.

Dial Industries designs and manufactures storage items for the home and office. The firm has been in operation for more than 50 years and manufactures the majority of their products from their Los Angeles facility. Their products include kitchen storage, closet and drawer organizers, stacking bins, shelving, waste bins and lap trays.

Lots in the online auction will close on the 21st of July.The assets are located in Los Angeles, California and can be viewed on the 20th of July. Items featured in the sale include: 16 injection molders, including models by Van Dorn (ranging between 75 ton to 700 ton), JSW (500 ton and 1450 ton) and Cincinnati (500 ton). Support equipment including: dryers, hot runners, robots, chillers, silos, air compressors, grinders, thermolators and more.

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