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21st May 2020 – Coating Line, Packaging Equipment and Other Machinery from Gel Seal Technologies for Auction

Industrial auctioneering and appraisal firm Joseph Finn Co. Inc. was established more than 50 years ago and provides online, onsite and webcast auction services to businesses across the world. Whilst specialising in the audio video, printing, plastics and machine tool industries, Joseph Finn Co. Inc. cover a broad range of industry sectors.

In an online auction closing on the 21st of May Joseph Finn Co. Inc. will sell equipment formerly of Gel Seal Technologies LLC. Gel Seal Technologies manufactures GelTape™, a paint barrier tape which prevents paint bleed on a wide range of surface types.Offers will also be accepted for intellectual property and patents for the production of GelTape™ Paint Barrier Products. The assets are located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, can be inspected by appointment only. Items featured in the sale include:

A coating line for manufacturing two component gel coating including: QTS control panel, QTS paper unwind stand, Moisttech Corp moisture sensor, Enercon Corona treater, Keyence printers and custom print head, Graco barrel pumps, Mahr custom mixing cart, Binks pressure vessels, QTS print head stand, COMPONEX pre-oven spreader roller, Dürr Megtec oven, Custom/ Dayton cooling chamber, Northstar polymers B material polyol curing agent, Griff paper and film release liners, Mahr Master control panel controls. Siat T330 turret slitter rewinder with shear, razor and score slitting featuring: QTS Master unwind stand, Unwind Pedestal with friction brake and Idle Liner separator rollers. Ron Gerbers turret rewind, safety cage and accumulator. Quality control equipment including: Brookfield Engineering CT3 texture analyzer, scales and Kernco wettability Measurer. Packaging equipment including: All About Packaging washable and non-washable unit boxes and sticker flanges.

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