Auction of Glass Vial Manufacturing Equipment

AllSurplus is auctioning high end glass vial pilot manufacturing lines from a leading glass manufacturer.

The online auction closes on the 31st of August and features glass production equipment including (2) Ambeg RP-18 glass vial formers, (2) Ambeg RP-16 glass vial formers, 2015 IMA Hydra 1300 12 AS cartridge glass washer, 2014 IMA Hydra 1300 12 AS washer, IMA Life Hydra 1300 glass washer, Alliance Aquamaster CB-2400E glass washer, (2) 2015 Kyoto Seisakusho glass coater, (3) Spami glass coater, 2015 TPS Thermal Product Solutions MM55VD17 1-G coating drying oven, TPS Thermal Product Solutions Gruenberg 4-zone coating drying oven, (4) Lanly top load salt DIP heat kiln, 500C and 2018 Hans Hoffman Type EEO Lehr, 700C; facility support equipment including chloride polisher skid, Trane CSAA066UAL00 Climate Changer performance climate changer AHU, Munters Superaire makeup air unit, 2017 Motivair MPC-A6000/B-ES-CST WP RC MT chiller, Kathabar air control conditioning unit, Trane air cooled condensing units and 2018 Trane XL18i air conditioner; Fanuc robotic systems and much more. The assets are located in Big Flats, New York.

AllSurplus specialises in the sale of surplus business assets, ranging from industrial equipment to heavy machinery. The firm is one of the Liquidity Services network of e-commerce marketplaces. AllSurplus connects sellers with their 4.8 million registered buyers, using a multi-channel sales process.

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