Curaleaf Cannabis Processing & Growing Equipment Auction

Revelation Machinery is to sell cannabis processing & growing equipment, surplus to the ongoing operations of Curaleaf in an online auction closing on August 29th. 

The equipment auction to the ongoing business of Curaleaf is an online auction of cannabis cultivation, extraction, and packaging equipment. The auction features a wide variety of items, including growing lights, dry trimmers, vacuum ovens, autoclave sterilizers, and centrifuges. The auction also features a selection of tanks, racking, a John Deere tractor, and packaging equipment.

Key assets include: ​Agrotech Magnum Reflectors and HPS Bulbs, Shimadzu Model LCMS-8050 Mfg 2018 Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer, Unused MTA TAE Evotech Air Cooled Chiller, Yamato 14 Head Scale, Quadrel Proline High Speed Wraparound Labeler, General Packer GP-M3000UST Pouch Filler and more. Viewing is by appointment only on August 28th. ​

Revelation Machinery aims to streamline machine trading transactions through fostering long-term partnerships rather than solely focusing on individual processes. This vision has expanded into a nationwide enterprise, boasting a vast selection of surplus and pre-owned factory equipment. Additionally, the company has established a network of manufacturers who can effortlessly connect with potential buyers, enabling them to efficiently upgrade their operations.

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