AllSurplus Selling Biopharma Laboratory Equipment from GSK

AllSurplus is auctioning biophama, pharmaceutical machinery and laboratory equipment formerly operated by GSK.

Global biopharma firm GSK specialises in the development of vaccines and speciality medicines, focusing on four therapeutic areas: infectious diseases, HIV, oncology and respiratory/immunology. GSK operates in more than 80 countries, and from 37 manufacturing sites worldwide.

The online auction closes on the 20th of September. The assets, located in Stevenage, UK, include: Applied Biosystems API 5000 mass spectrometer, Applied Biosystems API 4000 mass spectrometer (2), Zeiss Oberver Z.1 AXIO ZellScannerOne AX10 microscope (2), Thermo Fisher Scientific ArrayScan VTI HCS reader, Micromass Quattro Premier XE mass spectrometer, Molecular Devices Genepix 4300A array scanner, EnvisionTEC 3D Bioplotter printer, Nexcelom Bioscience Cyntellect Celigo S cell cyometer, Teledyne Cetac ASX-7400HR Teledyne autosampler, Agilent HPLC system (6), Nikon ECLIPSE TE2000-S microscope, MILTENYI GentleMACS dissociator, GE Healthcare Incell 2000 analyzer, Perkin Elmer Frontier NIR/FTIR, BioPlex MAGPIX multiplex reader, TubeWriter 360 labeling system, Tecan EVO 100 liquid handler, GE DASH 3000 ECG monitor, ARCTURUS AXT2220 laser microdissection, AGILENT G1158A Agilent G1158A 2PS/6PT selection value, Wyatt Technology WPR-08 plate reader, Biomek Biomek NXP Beckman Biomek NXp workstation, Thermo Fisher Scientific 1MH100 incubator, Heraeus 150 Heracell CO2 incubator, Thermo Stabilitherm 77 EB2 incubator, Ecotron HT oven, New Brunswick CO150 incubator and much more. The assets can be inspected by appointment only.

AllSurplus specialises in the sale of surplus business assets, ranging from industrial equipment to heavy machinery. The firm is one of the Liquidity Services network of e-commerce marketplaces. AllSurplus connects sellers with their 4.8 million registered buyers, using a multi-channel sales process.

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