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Butchery Equipment and Food Processing Equipment for Sale

An online auction of Butchery Equipment and Food Processing Equipment​ is to take place due to closure of former chicken processing facility in Llangefni (UK). The Industrial Auctions online auction will close on the 19th of September and will include overhead conveyors, pluckers, deboning machines, tumblers, filling machines, packaging machines, metal detectors and more used food processing equipment. 

Key assets in the auction include: Wright Field Ltd unloading and washing line for bird crates, consisting of: Infeed system for chicken containers with washing station for chicken containers; Wright field CO₂ killing tunnel; Manual chicken hanging line with platform; Crate wash installation for bird crates. Meyn slaughtering line for chicken, Meyn evisceration line, Meyn cut-up line, Double lane elevating belt, Marel Smartline weighing and sorting line, 2 Anglia Autoflow transport belts, Ilapak 14 heads multihead weigher, Ilapak vertical bag form-, fill- and seal machine, Risco vacuum filler with lifter for 200 liter meat bins and much more. 

Industrial Auctions is a company that focuses on providing online auction services specifically tailored for the food and beverage industries. To ensure that these auctions are easily accessible throughout Europe, the company organizes multiple on-location auctions annually, operating from their headquarters in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Their specialization encompasses the sale of machinery, as well as complete organizations and production lines.

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