In an online auction closing on October 11th, Heritage Global Partners is to sell Late Model Surplus Laboratory Equipment From Codexis, Color Health & Juno Diagnostics. The multi lab auction will feature used Laboratory Equipment from manufacturers including Illumina​, Agilent, BioTek​, Hamilton ​and more. ​

Key assets include: (2) Illumina NovaSeq 2000 Sequencing Systems, (3) Hamilton Microlab STAR Liquid Handler, (4) Hamilton StarLET Liquid Handler, (2) Agilent Bravo Liquid Handling System, (8) Eppendorf 5382 ThermoMixer C Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 6 Pro RT-PCR, (6) BioTek Instruments NEO2S Hybrid Multimode Reader, (3) BioTek Instruments MFXP1 Multiflo FX Multi-Mode Dispenser, (6) PerkinElmer 2024-0020 Chemagic 360, (2) Sarstedt HCT S2000 MK2 High Speed Closed Tube Sorter and (2) Brooks Automated Plate Sealers. 

Heritage Global Partners, based in California, is a full-service auction company that organizes around 200 auctions annually. Operating across 30 countries, they provide services to clients across 28 diverse industry sectors. They specialize in selling a wide range of assets, including individual items, complete factory setups, and operational facilities.

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