Complete Plant Closure of KW International – Manufacturer of Oil & gas production, Process & Measurement Equipment​

An auction held by Maynards, is to take place on October 10th, to sell assets from the complete Plant Closure of KW International, a Manufacturer of Oil & gas production, Process & Measurement Equipment.  Located in Texas, the company aim to build the highest quality and best value Oil & Gas Production & Measurement Equipment in the Industry. ​ Equipment in the auction will include: CNC Pipe & Vessel Thermal Profiling Line, Welding Manipulators, Tank Turning Rolls, Welding Positioners, Welders & Welding Support, Robotic Welding Cells, Furnaces, Paint Booth & Shot Blast Booth, Rough Terrain Cranes & Boom Lifts, Tube Benders, Ironworkers & Tool Room Equipment and more. 

Key assets comprise of: 2015 – HGG #SPC1200RB-SPC2000-VC Pipe & Vessel Thermal Profiling Line, 2013 – Qty (3) Weldwire – HGG #SPC1200RB-SPC2000-VC Welding Manipulators, 2013 – Qty (4) Weldwire #WWM-8X8-TC Welding Manipulators, Weldwire #WWRD-120 Set Of 120,000-LB. Capacity Tank Turning Rolls, Weldwire #WWRD-60 Set Of 60,000-LB. Capacity Tank Turning Rolls, Pandjiris #30-6 AB Posit 3,000-LB. Welding Positioner, Weldwire #WPT-25/12 2,500 Lb Capacity Welding Positioner, Late As 2018 – Qty (5) Miller XMT 450 CC/CV 450-amp Multi-process Welders, (2) OTC Daihen #AX-vV6L Welding Robots, North American Car Bottom Furnace, (2) National Tank 14,000,000-BTU/hour Pipe Furnaces,  Ercolina #TB130VS Tube Bender And Much More. ​

​Maynards, a renowned auctioneering firm, has its roots in Vancouver since 1902. With offices in multiple countries including the United States, Canada, Germany, England, Japan, and China, Maynards serves a diverse range of industry sectors, offering liquidation and valuation services. 

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