26th January 2022 – Brewery Assets for Sale

Sigma Auction, with bidding via Bidspotter, is selling a complete bottling and packaging line surplus to the ongoing operations of Vermont-based Zero Gravity Brewery.

The timed auction is scheduled to take place on the 26th of January. The assets are located in South Burlington, Vermont and include: 2016 Wild Goose Canning WGC 250 4 head in-line can liquid filler; Taylor Manufacturing 96X60 mass flow accumulation table; 2016 Pearson CE60 case erector and bottom glue sealer; 2008 Pearson BE60 6-pack beverage carrier erector with twin lane conveyor; 2010 Heuft Hbbbasicx basic x-ray product inspection; 2007 SBC bottling and canning master tronic 50/50/10 monoblock filler; Hamrick Manufacturing 600 stainless steel drop packer; 2007 PE Labellers Executive KC 570 automatic labelling machine; Elliott 80-14 high speed automatic glue case sealer; 2010 Heuft Spectrum TX product inspection x- ray; Prodeva 318 glass crusher; 2008 Pearson MP35 beverage carrier multipacker with 15′ L twin lane.

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