Industrial Auction News 39

22nd – 24th July 2020 – Auction of Injection Molding and Packaging Equipment

Harry Davis & Company is a Pittsburgh-based auctioneer specialising in sales and appraisal services for the food and beverage industries. First established in 1955, Harry Davis & Company has grown to be amongst the largest providers of auction and appraisal services in the region. The firm work with a broad range of clients, including financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies.

In an online auction this July, Harry Davis & Company will sell a large selection of equipment from a beverage packaging facility located in Little Rock, Arkansas. The auction takes place between the 22nd and 24th of July and assets can be inspected by appointment only. Equipment featured in the sale includes:

Injection molding and blow molding equipment including: SIG Coroplast Blomax 12 PET reheat stretch blow molder; Uniloy 4-wide blow molder; Netstal PET LINE preform injection molder; Uniloy 6-wide blow molder model R 2000; Conair resin handling equipment. Fillers manufactured by Fogg and Federal; Procomac Grip Star bottle rinser. Silos and tanks including: (2) Walker 40,000 gallon silos; Mueller 10,000 gallon silo with vertical agitation.Reverse osmosis system and water treatment equipment. Case handling equipment including: Krones Canmatic labeler; Alvey 600 palletizers and additional palletizers; SMI tray former, packer, wrapper, model SK 450 T; Lantech and other pallet wrappers. Other equipment and general plant support including: air compressors, dryers, conveyors, centrifugal pumps, APV pasteurizer, air valves, water filters pallet racking, forklifts, scissor lifts, boiler, bossy carts, spare parts and much more.

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