In an auction closing on October 19th, Revelation Machinery is to sell assets from Curaleaf. This Cannabis Processing & Growing Equipment auction to the ongoing business of Curaleaf is the second phase of an online auction of packaging equipment and pharmaceuticals equipment, cannabis cultivation, extraction, and packaging equipment. The auction features a wide variety of items, including rotary evaporators, extractors, Short Path Equipment, potting machine, centrifuges, grow lights, chillers, preroll machine, cartridge fillers, trimmers, filtration assemblies, DTW separation skid, rosin presses, and more. 

Key assets in the auction will include: Triminator XL Dry Trimmer 60LBS/HR, Colorado Extraction Systems SprayVap Closed Loop System. 2019 Year. With Vacuum Pump, Chiller & Heater, Urbinati IM1800-C Manual Potting Machine, PolyScience P80NHA101B IP-80 Immersion Probe Chiller. 1.75″ Probe. 2019 Year, WVO Designs PTDM-25 20 Liter Manual Top Discharge Centrifuge. 25KG Capacity, Savage Bros Electrostove 20 Model 0100, Portable Agitator Model 1801 w/control, Copper Kettle & Stand, Plus Assorted Kitchenware. MFG 2022, BVV 45 Liter Jacketed Flat Plate Centrifugal Ethanol Extraction System. ZOFB Siemens Smart Line Controls. MFG 2020, Convectium 710Shark v8 Cartridge Filler MFG 2018. W/ 11 Cartridge Plates, Manual & Spare Accessories, Polyscience AD15R-40-A11B IP31 15 Liter Refrigerated Circulator 1000W, Sasquash Rosin Press W/ Harvestright 550W Motor, Kason Vibroscreen K24-2-SS Single Deck Vibrating Screen Separator MFG 2021 and more. ​

Inspection is by appointment only on October 18th.

​Revelation Machinery aims to streamline machine trading transactions through fostering long-term partnerships rather than solely focusing on individual processes. This vision has expanded into a nationwide enterprise, boasting a vast selection of surplus and pre-owned factory equipment. Additionally, the company has established a network of manufacturers who can effortlessly connect with potential buyers, enabling them to efficiently upgrade their operations.

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