Maynards is selling electronics manufacturing equipment from a PCB manufacturing facility formerly operated by Tring. The auction takes place in conjunction with The Branford Group. PCB manufacturer Tring was founded in 2002. The firm manufactures single, double sided and multi-layer PCBs, and subcontracts to EMS and PCB companies across Europe. Tring products include touch screen point of sale technology, access control equipment, thermostats and global positioning equipment.

The online auction will take place on the 25th of October and will feature: Schmoll MDI single table direct imager (2020), Schmoll MX1-160 CCD drilling machine, ORC HMW 201 B exposure unit, Schmoll drilling and routing machine LM2, Auto PCB V-cut machine, ATG flying probe tester, OLEC AT30 exposure unit, HML LP 2000 VK 2 lamination press, Uniplate P permaganate line, MIVA photo plotter, Telmec scoring machine, Camtek AOI, Targomat hole drilling machine, Lenz CNC drilling machine, Pill tin resist stripper, Pill OSP chemical line, Pill Resist developer 1146, Glutz & Jensen, Type 720 film developer, Schmid brushing machine, Dynachem 1600IV, automatic cut sheet laminator, Posafor pinning machine, Wessel/FSM, Type SEPO pinner and much more. The assets are located in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Vancouver based Maynards was established in 1902, focused initially on the auction of furnishings and fine arts. The firm has since grown to provide liquidation and valuation services to a broad range of industry sectors with global reach from offices located in the United States, Canada, Germany, UK, China and Japan.

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