Industrial Auction News 1438

5th August 2021 – Automotive Supplier Equipment Sale

Online auctioneering and industrial equipment sales specialist Surplex has more than 20 years of experience in the sale and valuation of used industrial machinery, including woodworking and metal working equipment. The firm operates from 11 locations and sells approximately 55,000 machines every year.

Surplex Auctions is to hold a 2 day auction due to the bankruptcy of Automotive Supplier TQM Europe. The auction will feature a wide range of Valuable Machines, Accessories, Workshop Equipment & more. TQM Europe saw itself as an industrially oriented toolmaker. They developed and built high-quality and complex forming and cutting tools for the production of body components of the highest quality for the automotive industry.

Over 900 items will feature in the auction which begins to close on the 25th of August. key assets include: 2 x DUFIEUX Gantry-Type Milling Machine, KEHREN RS16 CNC Surface Grinding Machines with Rotary Table and Vertical Grinding Spindle, 2 x DROOP+REIN LFAS 2000 L CNC Lateral Milling Machines, WALDRICH COBURG MC 3500 FT M3 Gantry-Type Milling Machine, DROOP+REIN FPV 2500 SC 75/15N Gantry-Type Milling Machine, TOS KURIM FSQ 100 – SR / A2 Universal Machining Centre, 2 x FRITZ MÜLLER ZE 800 Hydraulic Presses, FRITZ MÜLLER ZE 2000 Hydraulic Press, KEKEISEN UBF 3000 / 15 Bed-Type Milling Machine, KEKEISEN UBF 2000/10 CNC Bed-Type Milling Machine, LÄPPLE TP 30 Tryout Press, MAS VOM 50 Column Drilling Machine, HÄNGGI A0 S Plate Shear, FASTI 1520 x 4,5 Folding machine, 3 x ALZMETALL Column Drilling Machines, PROMECAM GTH 425 Plate Shear, ELB SW6 Surface Grinding Machine, BEHRINGER HBP 500 Horizontal Band Saw, FARO N10 TITANIUM Measuring Arm, ABA EL 1506 Surface Grinding Machine and much more.

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