Industrial Auction News 411

25th February 2020 – Complete Cacao, Chocolate & Confectionery Plant for Sale

Rabin Worldwide Auctioneers, in conjunction with Union Confectionery Machinery are to sell assets formally of Formerly of Rachel Dunn Chocolates, located in Concord, CA.

Rabin Worldwide focuses on the purchase and sale of industrial equipment, factories and real estate. With an international network of affiliates they are able to confidently conduct sales around the world.

Rachel Dunn Chocolates had been making chocolate confections of the highest quality since 1984, serving US Presidents, royalty, Grammy-award winning artists and people everywhere who appreciate fine foods and great confections. They were well known for their giant caramel apple, revolutionising how the caramel apple was made, making it without a stick so adults could slice it and enjoy.

Key assets for sale in the timed online auction, ending on February 25th 2020 include:

Production Equipment including Cooking Kettles, Chocolate Concepts SS Stacked Chocolate Melter, Greer 24″ Enrobing Line with Bottomer and Cooling Tunnel,Bean roasting and Conditioning Equipment including Renegade 15kg Coffee Roaster with Cyclone, (2) Sino Fude 100 Liter Refiner Conches, Production Support, General Plant and Packaging Equipment along with assets from the Retail Store including Birch Wood and glass Front Displays, Birch Wood Display Shelving and a travertine 16’ Tasting Bar.

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