10th March 2022 – Huge Solid Dose Processing Sale

In an online auction ending on the 10th of March, EquipNet is to sell Solid Dose Processing and Packaging Equipment from Major Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.

Located in various locations in the USA, new inventory is being added daily. Current assets are available with low reserves from Novartis, GSK, Teva, and many others. Featuring equipment manufactured by Glatt, IMA, GEA, Patterson Kelley, Kilian, Quadro Engineering and many more.

Key assets in the sale include: GEA PharmaConnect PCM-PMA20 High Shear Granulator, Freund Vector VFC-Lab 3 Fluid Bed Dryer, Hosokawa Micron Cyclomix 15L Revolutionary High-Speed Paddle Mixer with Contollers, Glatt GPCG 5 Fluid Bed Dryer, IMA MS450 Stretch Banding Machine with Heat Tunnel, Mettler Toledo Portable Floor Scale, Korsch Pharmapress PH250 Tablet Press With Control Unit, Kilian LX19-S D Tooled Single Sided Tablet Press, IMA Zanasi Plus 70 Capsule Filling Machine, Glatt GPCG 2 Lab System Fluid Bed Dryer and more.

Global asset management expert EquipNet was established in 1999. The company now operates from 25 locations and conducts business in more than 170 countries across the world. EquipNet offers a range of services to clients across multiple industry sectors including live/webcast auctions, sealed bid sales and online auctions.

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