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28th January 2020 – Auction of Four Slide & Metal Stamping Machinery

American Auctioneers Group has more than 20 years of experience in auctioneering, appraisal and liquidation. The firm will this January sell over 15 Nilson Four Slide Machines from a four slide metal stamping facility located in Harbor City, California.

The auction takes place on the 28th of January, with online bidding available via Bidspotter. Assets can be inspected on the morning of the sale. Featured items include:

Two Nilson model S-3-F four-slide machines (s/n’s 101220, 57030); Nilson model S-2-F-23475 four-slide machine (s/n 27529, for parts); Nilson model S-1 four-slide Machine (s/n 73800); Nilson model S-1-F-57016 four-slide machine (s/n 56464); Nilson model S-1-F-42768 four-slide machine (s/n 46297); Nilson model S-0 four-slide machine (s/n 66630) w/ upgraded controls, pneumatic clutch; 3 Nilson model S-0 four-slide machines (s/n’s 82600, 67600, 66630); 5 Nilson model S-00 1/32” wire cap. four-slide machines (s/n’s 90980, 90800, 88281, 88280, 83831); four-slide attachments and tooling equipment.

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