Industrial Auction News 171

28th May 2020 – Auction of Bottling Lines and Packaging Equipment

Industrial auctioneering and liquidation company Rabin, in partnership with Machinery & Equipment Company, are selling a selection of bottling lines and packaging equipment located in Manteca, California. The assets are surplus to the ongoing operation of Delicato Family Vineyards.

Delicato Family Wines is amongst the fastest growing wine producers in the United States, the sixth largest exporter from the United States of branded wine and the sixth largest winery in America. The timed, online auction opens on the 21st of May and bidding on lots closes on the 28th of May. The assets can be inspected by appointment only and include:

A dual lane bag-in-box filling line including: Adco case erector; stainless in-line filters; Scholle bag-in-box fillers; Elliott custom case sealers, Nordson glue system; Bel 505 G3 case formers/packers. 750 ml cork and screw cap ROPP wine bottling line including: Manual bottle uncaser; McBrady orbital washer; stainless in-line filters; Tri-Block filler/corker/ROPP capper; Bertolaso A900 screw cap and ALX1 cork feeders (2005); Robino & Galandrino VULCAN 6000 capsule applicator; Impresstik front & back labeler; Standard Knapp 930-25 drop caser. 1.5 ml & 750 ml Cork only Wine Bottling Line including: Bottle uncaser with laner; McBrady orbital bottle washer; Cobert (Verona) Zimella Italia 48-head rotary bottle filler; Bertolaso 6-head corker with vacuum pump, (2013); Robino & Galandrino capsule stack elevator; Impresstik front & back bottle labeler; Lasetec laser coder (2012); Standard Knapp type 930-38 drop caser; ABC case sealer with Nordson glue system. 2015 empty bottle repackaging line. Additional winery and brewery equipment including: bladder presses, capsule applicator, pleater/crimper, filters, fermentation tank and more.

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