Industrial Auction News 130

28th May 2020 – Auction of Woodworking and Other Equipment from Luxury Kitchen Manufacturer

Online auctioneering specialist Surplex has more than 20 years of experience in the sale and valuation of used industrial machinery, including woodworking and metal working equipment. The firm operates from 11 locations and sells approximately 55,000 machines every year.

Surplex is selling a large selection of equipment which comes to the market following the closure of a luxury kitchen manufacturer located in Arezzo, Italy. The auction of approximately 600 items closes on the 28th of May. The assets can be inspected on the 26th of May and include:

Ima Novimat Concept/I/G80/4325/R3 single-sided edgebanding machine; Fom Industrie Argo 35 RM CNC machining centre for aluminum; Ima Bima 610/W 120/500 CNC machining centre; Fom Industrie Bzeta 50 Euro B aluminum double mitre saw; Altendorf F45 sliding table saw; Mantec M90 T panel saw; Griggio sliding table saw; Omal Insert 1003 ST CNC boring/inserting machine; Morbidelli U46 CNC machining centre; Morbidelli multiple drilling machine; LV1700 belt sander; Quinti Gioacchino disc sanding machine; Marzani chisel mortiser; Sorbini coating machine; Baldoni Macchine pneumatic press; Bongioanni spindle moulder; Linea Pack Avvolgi Pack 120 A2 P automatic horizontal wrapping machine; ABS edges; melamine panels; MDF panels; standard woodworking machines; pneumatic tools; trolleys; pallet trucks; forklifts; BLUM hardware; lamps and much more.

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