Industrial Auction News 482

30th January 2020 – Laboratory, Analytical and R&D Equipment for Auction

Surplus asset management solutions specialists EquipNet provide services across a wide range of industries. This January EquipNet will auction a large selection of laboratory, R&D and analytical equipment located in Canton and Brockton, Massachusetts, and San Jose, California.

Bidding in lots in the online auction will close on the 30th of January. The assets may be inspected ahead of the sale by appointment only. Items featuring in the sale include:

Perkin Elmer Clarus 500 Gas Chromatograph with Turbomatrix 40 Headspace Sampler; Jeol JSM-5610LV Scanning Electron Microscope; Waters 2695 HPLC System with 996 and 2410 Detectors; Waters 2695 with 2487 Dual Absorbance Detector; Shimadzu XRD-7000 X-ray Diffractometer; Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer; Leap OPT-DISS UV-Vis Spectrometer; Waters Acquity UPLC System with Binary Pump and TUV Detector; TA Instruments DSC Q100 With DSC Refrigerated Cooling System; Thermo Electron Corporation Nicolet 6700FT-IR Spectrometer with Thermo Smart Orbit; Agilent 6890N Series Gas Chromatograph with 7694 Head Space Sampler; Rudolph Research Analytical V Automatic Polarmeter; SympaTEC Helos Particle Size Analyzer System.

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